Hi, my name is Carlos Javier Guerrero and may I introduce myself as a very creative and versatile Spanish writer-director. 

 I started my artistic career as a musician, from guitar player to music composer in almost all music styles, specializing in soundtrack composition. I could progress within the sound recording, mixing and audio design fields applying the experience I acquired from my numerous music works.

 Fascinated with the film ambience and the combination of images and sound, I evolved in my career and started writing my own projects for the screen, a field where I could develop my creativity in multiple areas, reaching photography and direction. I try to apply my creative skills to the production field too, as I enjoy working with a close team and solving each of the challenging piece of a puzzle a movie is made of.

As a musician, music has a strong importance in my work where I aspire to achieve the perfect synchrony of beautiful photography with a touching soundtrack. Always starting from the key point of a unique story for a consistent screenplay, fully polished, attractive enough to raise passion and worthy of the massive effort each project requires for me and so many other people.

 Loving action, mystery, fantasy, comedy, thriller and particularly mystery films, I consider myself a genre author, quite orthodox, but always in search of something new and deep to immerse the public, and of course my team and myself.